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More Ideas Right now! Issue 9



Transparency Demands Truth

The sales game is changing so quickly it is hard to keep up with the rule changes. Is throwing a double 6 still the best extra turn? Likewise, what our clients expect of us is evolving at an equally stimulating rate.

I think the fundamental shift started with the advent of the internet and in particular Web2 technology.

There was a time when your business was like a SUV with dark tinted windows. No one could see inside. You could literally do anything inside and the world just simply did not know how you run your business, treated your clients or even treated your staff. It was like being able to sing terribly out of key with no one the wiser.

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The article at the bottom of this newsletter will provide a few practical ideas around how you can start to put that real intent into your business without losing business.


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How client focussed do you think our hero is in this video?

Could you tell if you were at the other end of the phone?


Public Workshops

I often get asked if I do public workshops or seminars and the short answer is that from time to time I present at public workshops when arranged by affiliated training partners.


If you are considering a one day workshop for yourself or your staff I will be presenting the following topics over the next three months.


·  Professional Relationship Selling – 10 July Auckland North   

·  Business Vision Day-  8th August – Auckland North

·  Sales Ignition Day 11th Sept – Auckland South

·  Prospecting and Gold Calling (Creators) 12th September Whangarei

·  Customer Service – 15 July and 10th Sept – Auckland Central


Client Comment

“So far we have seen a solid 20% increase in referrals. We are also noticing a significant jump in quality and the additional 700+ referrals per annum represents very real income opportunity.”
Gavin Greaves, Director, APEX Advise Group


How's Your Day

How's Your Day , 101 Blogs
Authored by Mr Peter A Taylor 

This book is a collection of thoughts, social comment and the perspective of a man who turns lemons into lemonade.
After a successful life of free spirit and a dream to participate at Barcelona Olympics, a sand fly bite becomes his nemesis. 
Peter continues to live with Leishmania. The side-effects of over 900 doses of chemotherapy and similar treatments has left him 80 % blind and profoundly deaf.
These blogs are his comments over the past two years.

Kindle Version on Amazon            Paperback Version



Putting Real Intent Into Your Daily Business.

Make no mistake that there is an element of bravery needed to action this idea. Apart from the natural resistance to change, it is not easy being transparent and honest as you can feel quite exposed.

Daniel Batten from first introduced me to the concept of professional vulnerability. There is sound economic reason to present some flaws as well as all the good stuff about you and your offering. If clients are naturally suspicious then give them what they are looking for so they can discover what is not perfect and relax.

As counter intuitive as this may sound, it makes sense. Having discovered the bit that is ‘too good to be true’, they can relax and settle into your conversation. The fact that it was you that did this means that the pendulum of credibility swings back in your favour. You can now start being a human selling to humans the way they want to be sold to.

Dan Pink in his book ‘To Sell Is Human’ suggests that you build a base of good features and benefits and then add the negative at the end. Others suggest that you sandwich a negative between two positives as you would when giving feedback.

Personally I think you have to judge it for yourself as each situation is a little different. But please remember that if the negative is a game breaker, it does not matter when you put it!



Permission To Reprint

Yes, you may reprint MY article in any of your publications provided you do not edit it in any way (except for formatting changes to suit your publication style), and include this resource note with the article:
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